Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Pink Rain

Sweet Pink Rain

I am the essence of everything raw and real. Innately I am planted in the inner sanctums of those that wish to thrive and grow…grow….grow up into a serene melody that lavishes under the sun before the drip drop of the …sweet pink rain that caresses your soul.  I am that sweet pink rain that speaks to God and delivers every time. I… I am the substance of things hoped for …stop…taste…smell me in the true essence of this pink sweet rain. 

I am the tasteless void that drives you crazy, yet I am the sweetness that enhances the mood of your day and the glistening sapphire that guides your….night …your night until it becomes a burst of pink and orange and yellow….That sweet Pink Rain is so mellow… mellow below the surface to bring residual calmness to that which is in you that is aggravated by the world around you but see I am the essence of what is raw and real, that which falls from above and glides on gravity's pull. Pull from the depths of your imagination, be covered by the sweet pink rain…for …it’s the essence that soothes your pain and culminates forming storms for you protection. From the ghettos to The Hill, there is no shelter.  Embrace and make haste toward the rain that colors yours soul, your God into focus. Your picture, image, epic description is in Sweet Sweet…

Novels and movie stars only allude to the power of the Pink….

Rain is the essence of your tears that surprisingly is sweeter as the day go by.  Rewind.

Rain is the essence of tears that become sweeter as the day calls for rain to cool its thirst to grow…grow into weeks of strength and courage that washes away…you.

You who are weak and laden will find refuge in the pink sweet rain. 

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