Monday, July 8, 2013

Beautiful Scars

I miss you,
I miss you like the laughter of yesterday that made my heart shout rumbustiously.
I've not confessed, told it, admitted it, or spoke it to you.
Because the day we said good bye no good-bye was spoken…
Pounds of hurt, hills of baggage were all thrown down the chute of our pounding and exuberant hearts. Hearts are tender.

All too often we are made to believe that the heart pumps and pumps without interruption.
Murmurs are simply the bad trying to stay and good escaping.
Escaping is what I've been trying to do for these days,
these weeks,
these months and yet there is no escaping
that which I knew to be so real.

Pounds of hurt,
hills of baggage were carried in pant pockets,
and in the memories of life before,
that which we did not share, did not understand,
did not hear,
chose to ignore,
 the memories we thought…faded away into life before.

Life before does not go away, life before is here,
its now, it’s me;
it’s you,
the new and the old that must be transformed to good.

What happens when we see unmasked reflections?
We see beautiful scars, blemishes of imperfections that resemble another on their journey toward wholeness.