Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Although We Have Never Met

I don’t think that I’m typically one to shy away from words and emotions that are my spoken truths but sometimes others have more adequate words to better express a sentiment or growing belief I have (so there’s a poem below to assist me). 

Although we have never met,
you have touched the very heart of my soul.
Your patience, love, and understanding
have carried me through some hard times.
You have been here for me when I needed you most.
Although you are a world away,
somehow we know each other in a way that really matters.
We are closer than most people who have met,
because we have taken the time to reach deep within ourselves
to know the person beyond the face.
It is truly what is on the "inside" that counts.
You are more than words on a screen.
You are an inspiration in times of need...
You give me hope when things seem lost...
You make me laugh, cry, listen and talk...
You make me think without saying a word.
In this vast world of silent talk,
although we have never met,
I have found a true "friend."       By Ayzha

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have you ever walked passed your future?

Life is wonderful! I mean just super-duper great. Running this way and that way all to get to a point in which…did I pass it?

I’m not real for sure because I’m still striving for goal 3,391 and I’m almost there. But funny thing is I recently looked back over my life and realized I have no clue how I got to this place.

This place seems to be a dream of another, it wasn’t my dream, or did I dream a dream I didn't realize I dreamed to live a dream. Dreams do come true you know?

I know that I surpassed my goal of working at the local grocer.  I soon was able to work for the government so others could make groceries.

Even in that was a lesson and a message of gratitude that I will surely pass on to my kids and her kids and his kids.  Wait, I forgot to sanctify my womb through birthing a blessed child, but I did buy yours a Lollie pop and encouraged integrity, consistency, through exemplary dialogue and passionate discourse.

I look around and see skies and reflections of abundance and to my knees I fall, my eyes gaze upon great mystery as I seek to find the future I passed.

So… I’m so curious to know if the future that I so haphazardly passed…is it the place where I left….?

I want it back. I want it all back but how selfish and misconstrued am I… daring to return to the future that was less than where I’m going? But where I’m going is a crooked and hilly path that brings great discomfort, great joy, extreme pain, yet pure ecstasy, gaudy awkwardness, dignified restraint,…I feel it all. Is this more than the future passed?

That I do not know…but all I can do is live this dream as my reality reassuring you that dreams come true, bigger and better than anything ever imagined.  Join me.