Sunday, November 18, 2012


Is love enough when it’s not the love that makes your heart smile? Is love enough when you are proud to have someone on your arm and in your bed but the one you love, like really love is home longing for your love? 

Is love enough when the pictures are perfect and your routine hasn’t changed? Shouldn’t love take you to places never imaged all while be secured at home, the place formerly known as your house.  

Shouldn’t love provide to you, speak to your heart and agree with your soul? Is love enough when your smile doesn’t ache from being constant?

Giggle giggle, tader pader, OHHHH and then oooh was the language of your heart. Now it says “I love you”

Is love enough when neither your actions nor mine emulate the scandalous words “I love you”

Is it love?

Is it love when you can’t talk to me in fear that I may see you?
I already see you. I hear you through your silence. I already see you and that contrived smile.

Is love enough?

Where’s the passion that stings every morning like the bitter cold. The passion that light fires that never extinguishes. Where’s the passion that fed my hunger for you? 

Where’s the passion for life...

Giggle giggle, tader pader, OHHH and oooh

I guess love is enough, you are not here. dedicated to 051812