Friday, June 22, 2012

Mind Sticker

Mind Sticker

What a lucky coincidence, maybe it was divine intervention, regardless; I’ve found a mind sticker. You caught my eye, better yet; you have found a permanent place of residence on my mind. I heard Michael Baisden say today on the radio that if you are with someone and they do not add to your life then they have no place in your life.  Baisden to me is hit or miss, but today, he hit it on the head.  You seem to enhance my life without effort; your smile ignites my soul. Your words and curiosity intrigue me too. A mind sticker you are.

You stick to my mind like white on rice, gravy on biscuits, the way I imagine your skin next to mine.  You look tantalizing regardless of your apparel but it’s the essence of who you are that stops me cold in my tracks.  Intimidated by you? Never.  I recognize the same God in you that’s in me. Are you intimidated by me…only until you truly understand the quintessence, the embodiment of truth and love that dwells in me that longs to be shared with you.

Why you? Why not you? Let me ask you a few questions: Do you know how to love? I earnestly and passionately want to give and receive love.  Have you given your love to someone underserving before? I have, I don’t regret either. I’ve learned great lessons in life but now I’m ready to give my love to someone who can hold it, protect it, and share in it with me blissfully. Lastly, have you prayed or hoped for someone to come to love you unconditionally, to share life with you, to be the one? I’ll admit, I’m the ONE; Just maybe not your ONE. So your responsibility in coming in contact with something so real and so ripe is to assess your heart, consult God and find out if I’m the ONE for you. A winner I am, am I your winner?  I am that great catch that one shouldn’t let get away.

Being with me means you accept the risk that allows and requires infinite growing, which transcend both pleasure and fear.  Being with me means you will be loved by love. 


  1. nice. hope they're still around. or ...

    1. Every desire is not a reality until one's reality is lived and experienced.

    2. but what if the desire is unrealized but real in your soul ... in the very dept of your being. almost as if you lived it in a former life. is it still unreal? not a reality until lived, experienced, tasted in this world? this realm?