Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm All In

I’m all in.

I’ve heard people say “I’m all in” or “I’m game for that.” And I just took some time to reflect on my personality, my desires and yes even my expectation. I admit, I have expectations of me and of others I allow to share my life.  But what I mean by “I’m all in” is I have decided long ago that life offers disappointments, relationships offer hurts but I will offer myself the chance to try again. I refuse to continue life believing the impossible is not possible.  Even reason allows room for such a thought  to be true and let’s face it my Christian principles and scriptures tell me that the impossible is possible (through Christ). Therefore, I refuse to not go “all in” and give my all with the possibility that my inner Christ will be enough for the situation I’m trying to shine on and in. 

When we shine we have the ability to illuminate not only the good in others but also areas in need of repair. And because that broken area has been exposed is no reason so self-soothe with abandonment or eviction of the light but become an avenue to change and ultimately healing.  Have you attempted to imagine not the world but your individual life transformed by eliminating the disruption of hurt by allowing someone’s willingness to say yes to help assist with your forward progression?  Am I saying that I am a god, hecky no.  Am I saying that I will meet you where you are? Absolutely.  Will I have expectations? Absolutely.  These are not unreasonable expectations for those open and  truly ready to feast at the reception of love.  My understanding of love (at this point in my life and at such a young age) is that “who I am” and all that entails should be for you, supporting you and helping you grow into the best you.  Where ever I found you had to be pretty good to solicit my interest, but together you should be dynamic, we should be dynamic…

Now people will say all this dynamic talk is impossible. Remember two things, I believe the impossible is possible and that we all should strive to be better tomorrow than we are today (no matter how damn pretty and self-sufficient you think you are).  

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