Monday, May 7, 2012

My Soul Thirst....

I belong- 
My soul thirst for God, the living God (Ps 42:2)
(Begin with prayer, worship and scripture reading.)

When we embrace our responsibility that means that we have to “distinguish the inner voice of truth from the inner voice of fear.”[1] Fear is so readily available and we have to intentionally seek the inner voice that resides in us. We can listen for the sound of the still small voice that still speaks in every context full of life.  This voice gives direction, clarity, community; this voice is the “living God.”

In order to hear God we have to get rid of all of the noise that surrounds us. How many people get off work, get in their car to drive home and immediately turn on the radio? How many of you are honkers in traffic? And I imagine half of you when you arrive home have the television on in one room and the radio in another? So tell me, when do you have time for silence? When do you listen to the teacher within you?  All those things have its place in our lives. But most importantly we have to find the time and space for you and God to commune.  When do you talk to God? And please don’t tell me the only time you scream Oh God is when you are in need or afraid.  Ok let’s say that is the only time, we have to learn to cry out for others and on behalf of others. The world is in need, not just you.

The world is afraid of everything they don’t understand. You are afraid that what you do will not matter. You are afraid that you alone cannot make a significant difference. But the thing is, you can make a wonderful and transformative difference.  Fear has to go and be replaced with the real you, a more authentic you; you who shows compassion and cares for others- You who have become an adult and is living into their full capacity of integrity, wisdom and love.

On a piece of paper, as many pieces of paper you need, write on them your fears that are hindering you from trusting people and hindering you from helping your sister and brothers.  Look around, we all look whole and as if are doing fine. But we all are thirsty and in need of the Living God. We are all in need of each other. God has us here as hands and feet, as beating caring hearts, as intellectuals that should be able to join together for the sake of committing acts of love.

As you feel led to offer your fears over to God, do so. Take those pieces of paper and burn them, drown them, simply through them away.   This symbolizes the fear leaving, literally out of your hands now, find a release of that burden to now better operate and live in wisdom.

[1] Palmer, Parker. A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2004. 27

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