Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cost of Truth

Cost of Truth, Tarnished Secrets
I have a secret. My secret is a lie. My lie I want to correct. But then you will know I lied. If you know I lied then my secret will be tarnished. It’s amazing the difference between a secret and a lie.  But my secret began sweetly and lie was birthed out of chaos. And chaotic I am not. I’m just someone with a secret.  My secret is a lie. My lie I live because I’m afraid you will not believe my secret.  Honestly, my secret has been tarnished by the lie I lived and now you will have no interest in this secret I hold.  But it is you I want to share my secret with and it is you that I lied to. Ugh. What do I do?

I do what is best for you in this moment and that is keeping my lie and living my lie. But I feel as if you know me; there some part of you that are curiously enticed by something about me. And I think sometimes you know my secret, this lie that we now live because I lied to you. Dang it, I just discovered that my wrong action of keeping my secret and telling you this lie, makes you live a lie. I want to have an exponentially great impact on your life but positively. I want to share untarnished secrets and create new ones; just you and me.

Your secret is no secret, you shared it with me. Your secret I do not want to know nor do I understand.  But I hold your secret with care as best I can. Am I rambling but I must write until our secrets reveal the truth that must be told.


I know truth and truth I withheld from you. I know truth and it lurks in my mind and in the crevices of my curiosity. What is the cost of truth?  There are a multitude of answers and opinions I’m certain. But at the end of the day, for me, there is no cost to freedom. Truth is freedom.  If I tell my secret, no matter how tarnished it is, if I believe the listener will not receive my secret with an open heart and mind. It is okay. How can you say that B? I say it because, I will be free. My truth will restore life without lies. That life is what it is. I accept that any day over and above some concocted lie of a life I created. I don’t want that kind of power. Power belongs in the arms of Truth and Truth is God. 

God help me to rub and restore the shine to the lives I tarnished and may we all exude and seriously experience the complete love of You, our Rock and our Shield. 

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