Monday, April 22, 2013

Subject of the Text

I am

I am the subject of the text. Textual understanding is more than word deep.

Its soul deep, 

I have to interpret myself, promote this script with no bounds… away from historic plays, sad epics and word play that you play. In an effort to better communicate the subject of this text.

That I am…
I am more than the characteristics of your past. I am the subject that brings your text to life. Oh what a flight this would be if only you were not afraid of the suspense that holds this text, high.  High I can be, without the gravity that pulls your illusions into a false sense of reality. But oh wait, reality is finality if it extends beyond…now. 

Now I am the text that that speaks. Heuristically I won’t manipulate, I will only speak that which is true in my soul.

True to what I want.

 Believing it will be and consistently and constantly excelling, climbing, outshining…I will watch and read what others have written about this text.

This text that I am is informed and outlined, written by the heart. Logic only colors where the heart doesn't bleed.

I am the subject of the text. 

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