Saturday, December 29, 2012


After some reflection tonight I fell in love with love all over again. For some time now people have identified me as the one who always have a positive spin on ….anything, especially life.  But I have to admit in all that positivity I exert, negative thoughts often dampens my spirits and narrows the view of possibilities I see.  I’m a creator and a conqueror of hope.  But today, was an exceptional day because of the fresh fragrance of unexpected hope was placed before me.

I’ve learned to look for God absolutely everywhere, in everything, and today was no different, and yes I was looking.  The lens one uses determines the magnitude and depth in which one can see and detect beauty makes a significant difference. Today my lens was woman.  Moreover, this woman understands that beauty resides even in the most beastly creature but seemingly more welcomed when observed within a work of art or an intellectual being.  And today, I chose to be a receiver of all that was great and inhale a sweet sense of spiritual and sensual intellect.

I’m naturally a giver of my time, fortunes, energy  and all of the aforementioned stuff I long to receive. Too often I disperse those things on avenues not conducive to positive results that enhance my life. What I’m saying is, today I rested in the care of others, the unfamiliar and new and I loved it. I loved seeing that which I strive to create existing without my efforts, without me operating in false divinity. I saw that which I desire in bloom. I mean, there are people out there who hearts are capable of surviving pain and turning it into flowing rivers of life.  People who are making conscious decisions to choose who they will be today. They build on top of their past, not neglecting it, not giving into it, it shapes them, not define them.

I saw me in you.

Therefore, I don’t stand alone. I am not drifting aimlessly. I am choosing my today, choosing my tomorrow and that allows me to bloom too. A flower blooms in season. So I celebrate friends who are in bloom. It looks so good…so go on…reach toward the sun for there are no limits. 

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