Monday, February 18, 2013

Lost in the Found

I’m B.

I’m lost in being found. If you really think about it, you’ll get it; I think you may understand me, feel me, get me, be me. In the rubble no more, tossed no more, strong and growing I am. Peace I AM.

Today, I delight in the sun that shines specifically and perfectly for me; today.  You are sun.  You are present. You are…

Like breath, I delight in being lost in the found…to be centered and free, to defy gravity in such an abstract beautifully chaotic world. I am lost…in the found.

To find myself in the midst of sharing days of sand and snow, I revel in being lost in the found. The “closer” I get the feelings of being lost fades and joins the feeling of being. Being made and content in the moment of being lost in the found… Being immersed in the beauty of …being beautiful in the being.

I’m joyously lost in you, I’m lost in the found.

(Sometimes dramatic reveal simplistic and honest truths)